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Tonawanda Opportunity Area

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Tonawanda Opportunity Area:

Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) and

Final Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Nomination Plan:

    Please note that the Mitigation Measures found in Section IV and

    the Thresholds for Future Review found in Section V are still in

    draft form. They are being reviewed by various Town staff, boards,

    and committees and are subject to change. In addition, links to the

    various referenced Appendices can be found below.

    Draft GEIS and Final Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan (July 2018)


Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan Draft and Appendices:

    Draft Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan (Oct. 2017)

    Appendix A: Community Participation

    Appendix B: Site Profiles

    Appendix C: Economic and Market Analysis

    Appendix D: Transportation Plans and Cost Estimates

    Appendix E: Green Infrastructure Report

    Appendix F: Cherry Farm Strategy

    Appendix G: INS Survey (proprietary)

    Appendix H: Phase I Reports

    Appendix I: Wetland Delineations

    Appendix J: Developers Forum Site Packages

    Appendix K: Correspondence with Agencies

Stakeholder Interviews:

   Stakeholder Interview Summaries (Apr. 2016)

Tonawanda Opportunity Area Documents:


    Draft Existing Conditions Report (Feb. 2016)

    Final Economic and Market Analysis (Jan. 2017)

Existing Plans:

    Tonawanda Opportunity Area Pre-Nomination Study (Nov. 2012)

    Town of Tonawanda 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update

    Town of Tonawanda Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (2008)

    Waterfront Land Use Plan (2014)

    Waterfront Corridor Landscape Plan (2014)


Documents & Reports