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Tonawanda Opportunity Area:

Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) and

Final Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Nomination Plan:

    Draft GEIS and Final Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan (Oct. 2018)


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Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan Draft and Appendices:

    Draft Tonawanda Opportunity Area Plan (Oct. 2017)

    Appendix A: Community Participation

    Appendix B: Site Profiles

    Appendix C: Economic and Market Analysis

    Appendix D: Transportation Plans and Cost Estimates

    Appendix E: Green Infrastructure Report

    Appendix F: Cherry Farm Strategy

    Appendix G: INS Survey (proprietary)

    Appendix H: Phase I Reports

    Appendix I: Wetland Delineations

    Appendix J: Developers Forum Site Packages

    Appendix K: Correspondence with Agencies

Stakeholder Interviews:

   Stakeholder Interview Summaries (Apr. 2016)

Tonawanda Opportunity Area Documents:


    Draft Existing Conditions Report (Feb. 2016)

    Final Economic and Market Analysis (Jan. 2017)

Existing Plans:

    Tonawanda Opportunity Area Pre-Nomination Study (Nov. 2012)

    Town of Tonawanda 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update

    Town of Tonawanda Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (2008)

    Waterfront Land Use Plan (2014)

    Waterfront Corridor Landscape Plan (2014)


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Tonawanda Opportunity Area